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The Day London Refused to be Defeated

by Elspeth

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High As The Flag On The 4th of July

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Wimbledon – A Place of Hopes and Dreams

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Farewell Yorkshire Rose

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A Smashing, Positively Dashing Spectacle!

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Happy and Glorious

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90 Years of Loyalty, Love and Laughter

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by Elspeth

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Each May, the normally barren grounds of the Royal Chelsea Hospital are transformed into a sea of flowers, plants and trees of every hue imaginable as some of the world’s best horticulturalists create spectacular cutting edge show gardens and amazing displays, all vying for that Gold Medal  which could change their lives.  All the Show Gardens are built from scratch in just 19 days and are dismantled in only five days, many of them relocated to charitable gardens, communal spaces and hospitals.

Today the show’s exhibitors are inside a pavilion but until 2000, they were housed under a giant marquee which held the title for the world’s largest tent in the Guiness Book of Records.  7,000 aprons, bags and jackets were made from the material of the old tent.

In 2014, visitors to the show drank 1,150 glasses of champagne, 6,400 glasses of Pimms and 10,560 hot drinks and ate over 10,000 portions of fish and chips!

This afternoon, the Queen paid her 51st visit to the Chelsea Flower Show and discovered that many of the exhibitors had taken the opportunity to celebrate her 90th birthday with photographic exhibits, a 21 feet high floral arch of 10,000 pastel blooms all grown in the United Kingdom and possibly the most spectacular of all – a portrait in the shape of the Queen’s head as it appears on our postage stamps, incorporating 10,000 flowers in shades of purple, red and orange and 300 metres of ribbon.


Another spectacular installation features 300,000 crocheted poppies which form a carpet in front of the Royal Chelsea Hospital reminiscent of the moving ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’, featuring 888,246 ceramic poppies planted in the moat of the Tower of London in 2014.


The bears always enjoy recreating the greatest flower show on earth.  In one window, they’re celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday with a tiny replica of the floral arch (it’s amazing what you can do with a fairy door!)

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In another, two Chelsea pensioners, dressed in their distinctive scarlet tunics, accompany Her Majesty on her annual visit to the show, the poppy installation represented with two single poppies.  

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You won’t be surprised to learn that the pandas amongst them insisted that bamboo featured in a third window.  Their suggestion definitely paid off as the panda judge awarded them a coveted Chelsea Gold Medal!  If you look closely, you’ll see that they even managed to smuggle in a panda gnome, something regarded as too tacky for the Chelsea Flower Show although, in 2013, the RHS relented, declaring a gnome amnesty, and welcomed the little creatures to their hallowed ground for one year only!  

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by Elspeth

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Pandamonium is expected in the streets of Ayr this evening, if Ayr United defeat Stranraer in the Scottish Championship play-off final.  

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My father, born in 1910, the year Ayr United was founded, was a keen supporter and season ticket holder for Somerset Park.  I, on the other hand, have never been to a football match in my life, always supporting Ayr United from afar.  And so, when I heard that the Honest Men (the nickname comes from the poem Tam O’ Shanter by local poet Robert Burns who described the town of Ayr being well-known for its honest men and bonnie lassies.’) had reached the play-off final for promotion to the Scottish Championship league, I knew The Bears in the Windows had to celebrate this very special sporting occasion.  As you can see, there’s absolutely no doubt which team they’re supporting!

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Ayr’s home strip is black and white and so it’s fitting that the team’s mascot is a panda most appropriately called Pandamonium!  (They used to have another smaller panda mascot called Chaos!)

Elspeth & Pandamonium

Well, they did it!  After a nail-biting penalty shootout, Ayr United won promotion to the Scottish Championship league.

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