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by Elspeth

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The third of May was a day to remember for the people of Ayr as not only were the Queen’s Own Yeomanry granted the freedom of South Ayrshire, but Prince Charles, their Royal Honorary Colonel, was there to lend his support.


The parade of around 150 men and women started at Pavilion Road, where His Grace, Duke of Westminster, the Yeomanry’s Honorary Colonel, and the Provost of Ayr had inspected the troops.  It then proceeded along 20140503_583Wellington Square, up Barns Street and then, believe it or not, into Dalbear Road, marching right past our house where The Bears in the Windows had a bear’s-eye view!  Dressed in multi-terrain army uniform, His Royal Highness took the salute at the Wallace Tower before walking along High Street to attend the official service in the Auld Kirk.

 Jim and I went to Wellington Square and, after watching the parade march past, made our way to High Street so that we’d have a chance of seeing Prince Charles.  To my huge disappointment, it seemed that we were on the wrong side of the road and so we decided to try to find a place at the foot of Kirk Port in the hope that he might stop for a chat.  Just as it looked as if he was going to pass us by once again, Jim called out, ‘Sir!’ and held out his hand.  To my delight Prince Charles heard him and came over to us and shook our hands – not a weak half-hearted grip, but a really strong one!  I can’t tell you how excited I was and, in fact, still am!

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However, for a newly married couple it proved to be a right royal day when they bumped into Prince Charles as he was leaving a civic reception in the Town Hall and graciously agreed to be photographed with the happy couple.  It was this chance encounter that I recreated in one of the windows.

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