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by Elspeth


Normally at this time of year, the weather is cold and frosty with the occasion fall of snow.  However, so far this winter, it has rained at some point every day.  This meteorological phenomenon gave me the idea for a new window – Noah’s Ark!  

The story of Noah’s Ark has captivated children for hundreds of years and, although legend has it that the animals went in ‘two-by-two – the elephant and the kangaroo’ – in order to get out of the rain, no one can say exactly which animals would have climbed on board.  However, what is known is that there definitely wouldn’t have been any kangaroos in ancient Iraq!

The modern-day nursery rhyme mentions all kinds of creatures including wasps, ants, bumble bees, hippopotami, monkeys and pigs but the clay tablet version only mentions wild animals.  Some experts believe that if the Ark really did exist then it would have contained domestic animals and although it has always been assumed that it was a rectangular wooden ship, Dr Irving Finkel of the British Museum claims it was a round doughnut-shaped vessel with a skyscraper cabin to house all the animals about two-thrids the size of a football pitch and so it’s very unlikely that the Ark would have floated! 

Waiting to climb on board my Ark are two teddies, a couple of koalas, a pair of pandas, two penguins and two meerkats while, already on the ark with Noah and his wife are two elephants, two dogs (Labradors, of course), another two pandas and even two dodos!

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